Convoy Technologies is a manufacturer of military grade wireless backup cameras, monitors, mobile DVRs', driver behavior systems, and telematics tools designed specifically for heavy duty commercial vehicles. Avoid accidents, protect your drivers, and reduce costs with the ability to "See Everything". Transform your vehicles today by equipping them with the industry's most rugged backup camera systems, monitors, and digital video recorders. Our Leading edge back up camera systems and visual tools are designed and engineered in California, and trusted by drivers and fleet managers to deliver improved safety, security, and productivity.



LP Gas, June 2015 - Microsite for backup camera.

LP Gas, May 2015 - Cloud-based software and hardware system for fleets.

LP Gas, May 2015 - Technology helps fleets answer: What happened in on-road incidents?



Sept 21, 2016 -  Convoy Technologies helps fleets radically reduce liability and improve driver safety...

April 19, 2016 -  Convoy Technologies CEO, Blake Gasca, to Speak at NAFA Institute & Expo

April 05, 2016 -  Convoy Technologies CEO & Videomatics inventor, Blake Gasca, to Speak at NPGA Expo on Cloud Video

March 31, 2015 -  Convoy Technologies CEO and Co-Founder Blake Gasca to Speak at the 2015 NPGA