Convoy Technologies Helps Fleets Radically Reduce Liability and Improve Driver Safety with On-Demand Video and Live Video Streaming

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF., September 21, 2016 — Convoy Technologies, the leading provider of cloud-based, live-time mobile video software and hardware, announced today the release of its powerful, highly-intuitive Videomatics™ dashboard. Complete with industry-first live video streaming, video playback, and video search capabilities, this Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) offering gives fleet owners and managers a simple, seamless way to immediately respond to critical events, reduce liability, drive-down insurance costs, and coach drivers anytime, anywhere.


Improving safety and reducing liability are critical as jury awards continue to climb. According to a March 2013 report released by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, U.S. juries awarded an average $3.6M for crashes involving large trucks.


“Now, fleets can take immediate action to protect their businesses,” said Convoy Co-Founder and CEO, Blake Gasca. “Our highly-efficient video compression engine delivers live video to fleet owners and managers, no matter where they are; a capability that’s unmatched in the industry. And, our new video search feature is an industry first.”


“With Convoy, we have insight into driver behavior and it’s significantly improving every day,” said Douglas Howell, Vice President of Service and Maintenance at TruStar Energy. “And, if we’re in an accident, we can identify the right corrective action.”


This is Convoy’s biggest release to-date. It puts rich, indisputable data right into the hands of decision-makers, while simultaneously offering fleets a customizable price point. And, the Videomatics web portal, launched just six months ago, now offers feature parity with the iOS app. In the end, this means administrators can move quickly to protect their businesses—no matter how they choose to access their data—with a range of easy-to-use features:

Playback Video

After a critical event, such as an accident, time is of the essence. With Videomatics, administrators can now instantly access video and event locations through the web portal, just as they can with their iOS app—allowing them to immediately begin an investigation for any vehicle.


Video clip request

Administrators can now perform video search requests through the portal. Files are then automatically delivered as custom video clips to the web portal and the administrator is notified via email alert, simplifying administrative tasks and saving time.


Vehicle locations with Convoy Search

Pinpointing vehicle locations is effortless with Convoy Search. Easily identify all vehicles in a defined location during any four-hour window, based upon location, date, and time search criteria. Simplifying things further, Videomatics automatically delivers the requested details to the administrator via email and stores them in the cloud.


New, data-rich fleet dashboard

This new, intuitive dashboard gives administrators immediate access to alert data and fleet trends, intelligently fed by the Convoy Technologies video review team and machine learning.

Dashboard features include:

  • Historical fleet performance metrics—from last week to the last year
  • Alert search by vehicle, date, and time, and alert action summaries
  • Driver check-in capabilities
  • Data analysis and reporting to support CEO, fleet manager, and IT department decision-making

New to the web portal and iOS app, alerts further simplify fleet management, allowing administrators to direct their attention to the most critical events, first:

  • Yellow - Identifies smaller infractions
  • Orange - Triggers coachable driver safety and productivity events
  • Red - Triggers immediate action on critical events

Each alert clearly identifies the alert-type, video, timestamp, date, address, and vehicle speed for the event in question.

GPS notification center

Now available via the Videomatics app and web portal, administrators can receive real-time notifications each time a driver action triggers an alert. These notifications identify vehicle locations at the time of the alert, as well as throughout the day, including starts, stops, and a breadcrumb trail.

And, for large fleets, administrators now have the additional ability to import a vehicle information excel sheet (CSV) to bulk populate truck numbers, driver names, and other relevant information.


About Convoy Technologies

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Convoy Technologies is a world-leading Video Platform as a Service (Video PaaS) company. We are dedicated to providing the transportation industry with innovative technologies that improve the lives of truck drivers, and the companies they serve. Convoy Technologies offers custom video solutions for any situation where real-time views give owners, managers, and drivers the perspective they need to achieve maximum safety and efficiency while also reducing liability. It's the software solution for a World on the Move.


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