ROI Calculator: Our Sleep Easy Plan for Manager Includes Assistance in These Areas


  • Number of accidents per year?
  • Average cost per claim? Hospital, property, fleet damage, inventory, damages, legal, increase in insurance premiums (deductibles), lost productivity, etc.
  • How many can be avoided. Industry stats have shown than 60% reduction has been typical with monitor/blind spot surveillance systems alone.


  • Do you think if you were watching your team members more closely that they would be more productive?
  • Could you save 1 hour per week? How about 1 hour per day?
  • How much would an additional hour drive in sales or save in cost?
  • Multiple that by 200 days/year


  • How much theft or shrinkage do you have each year from your trucks?
  • If you had “eyes” on your truck the whole time, would that lower your shrinkage?
  • How much shrinkage would be lowered by having eyes on your fleet?
  • We also have proof for insurance of any theft, so it could be recovered AND you can prevent further events from occurring if you know how it happened.

We have built the most advanced and dependable solutions that:

  • See everywhere - help drivers prevent accidents by eliminating blind spots
  • Prevent drivers from bad behavior (texting, phone, other) that lead to accidents
  • Accountability - Get a full productive day of work “on the job” from your drivers.
  • Train drivers by video examples
  • Reduce wrongful/inaccurate claims for the “deep pocket” big truck, fleet owners.
  • Reduce the frequency of insurance claims because of better driving and awareness
  • Prevent inventory loss/“shrinkage” from theft.

Our superior solutions and product lines include our extreme monitor series, audio/video recording, DVR with solid state hard drive, advanced camera systems including IP and wireless cameras and GPS fleet tracking/monitoring solutions to ensure optimum fleet performance.

Our solutions can be delivered in real time or with a WIFI drop capability.

Convoy is revolutionizing the fleet solutions industry and providing solutions that save lives, prevent financial losses and ensure productivity gains by performance accountability.


Prevent Accidents

Safety is an important aspect of fleet management. It is important to protect your drivers and other motorists from the main causes of accidents that involve commercial vehicles. Blind spots are one of the leading causes of fatalities and injuries that involve trucks and tractor trailers.

These accidents are on the rise in the United States. In the first four months of 2013 there were 42,000 crashes and comparing them to all of 2012 and 2011 there is a troubling trend:

  • 3,827 fatal accidents involving trucks in the first quarter of 2013, that is compared to 3,745 total in 2012 and 3,341 in 2011
  • With those fatal accidents there were 3,993 fatalities in the first four months of 2013 versus 3,958 in all of 2012 and 3,600 in 2011
  • There were also 60,000 accidents that led to injuries and 43,000 accidents that led to property damage in 2011

Managers also have a responsibility to the company to reduce costs related to large truck accidents. Commercial trucking and other fleet companies spent a total of $39 billion dollars in 2011 in costs associated with fatal crashes. They also spent $32 billion in costs related to crashes that resulted in injuries and $16 billion that resulted in property damage in 2011.

Determining who is at fault after an accident is only part of the solution. It’s like closing the barn door after the horse gets out. With Convoy Technologies video solutions you have the ability to outfit your vehicles with cameras that increase visibility to keep many accidents from ever occurring.

Prevent Bad Behavior

We have all seen them in our travels: drivers that use poor judgment while behind the wheel. They talk on the phone, text, put on makeup and even change their clothes or read while driving. These people aren’t aware of their surroundings and are the cause of many accidents.

Your drivers spend a lot of time alone on the road and some of them may have developed bad driving habits that may result in an accident. Perhaps they aren’t even away of this behavior or maybe they don’t realize how dangerous their actions are. 

Convoy can help you find potential bad behaviors that may lead to an accident. Managers can monitor drivers while on the road and review recordings of their routes in order to detect driving errors. You can then use these recordings to help the drivers improve their performance and train new drivers when they come on board.


Employee Productivity

Another aspect of fleet management is to make sure employees are performing to the best of their abilities. Employee productivity and efficiency decreases costs and increases revenue, which helps improve the company’s bottom line.

If your drivers are “sleeping on the job” literally or figuratively it costs your company money. Maybe they aren’t putting in the miles necessary to complete a rout on time. Or perhaps they are taking it easy during the day so that they can qualify for overtime. Whatever their performance issues may be, they are impacting the performance of your entire department.


Employee Training 

The prevention aspect of fleet management includes ongoing training. With Convoy’s quality HD cameras, management can create effective training videos. You can teach new and current employees the do’s and don’ts of driving for your company. They will be able to see how to increase performance, decrease bad driving habits, and improve efficiency.

The videos are also beneficial during performance reviews. Show your drivers how to increase fuel efficiency with acceleration and breaking analytics. Sudden stops and starts may be an indicator of a driver’s inability to see his surroundings accurately and can impact fuel consumption. By revealing the good and bad aspects of an employee’s performance you can help them improve their productivity for the company.


Reduce Wrongful Claims

Truck drivers aren’t always the cause of accidents but they often receive the blame. If your vehicles are involved in an accident make sure you are able to accurately review the series of events that preceded the incident. This will help determine who was at fault in order to reduce wrongful claims and improve driver performance.

When the driver of a small vehicle is involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, they often see an opportunity to win a large award from the deep pockets of a large corporation. This may lead them to remember the details of the accident differently or even embellish the story to increase the odds in winning a case.

With the billions of dollars spent every year on accidents, insurance claims and legal procedures, companies can’t afford to allow greedy drivers to take advantage of a situation. When monitoring your fleet, you will be alerted to a possible accident with the G-shock indicator that informs you of a sudden deceleration or impact. You can then look at your monitors to determine what has occurred and start preparing your report in real time. The recording from the cameras can be downloaded when the vehicle returns to the depot so that they can be reviewed by management and your legal department to defend your company against any and all claims.


Prevent Theft

Inventory loss hurts more than just your company’s bottom line; it also damages the company’s reputation.  If your business earns a reputation for a high rate of inventory loss fewer clients may contract with you.

Inventory theft can occur when your drivers are at rest areas, loading cargo or unloading at the end of the route. It can also occur when light-fingered employees decide to generate an unethical employee bonus.

No matter how it occurs, Convoy Technologies can help reduce inventory theft with cameras inside the trailer or outside the doors to monitor who is near your payload while it is in route. This piece of mind provides your company with a competitive advantage you can extend to your customers. Let customers know their load is secure when they sign with your company to transport their goods across town or across the country.

Convoy Technologies gives you piece of mind with our real time and loop recording HD cameras. You can manage your employees when they are on the road. Remove blind spots, improve performance and decrease inventory loss by taking advantage of our state of the art wireless monitoring solutions.