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Convoy Technologies' VIDEOMATICS™ Incorporates Telematics and Live Video for Commercial Driver Safety, Security and Productivity

Streaming Live Video, GPS, and Events to Smartphones, Tablets or PCs

Newport Beach, CA, March 17, 2015...Convoy Technologies today introduced VIDEOMATICS™, a cloud-based software and hardware system that integrates telematics (GPS and routing) with live and recorded video from around and inside a vehicle, which can be accessed for playback to smartphones, tablets or PCs.  The system is designed for fleet owners and managers to assist in their efforts to promote commercial driver safety, security and productivity. VIDEOMATICS software provides instant access to vehicle location tracking, monitoring, and alerts, plus live and historical video with analytics from within and surrounding a vehicle from anywhere, to anywhere. Types of event information offered include speed, G-shock (impact and vibration), GPS coordinates, geofencing, route deviation, mapping and positioning of an entire fleet.  Continuous, event driven, or scheduled video recording is user selectable.  Convoy Technologies' platform operates in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model to ensure ongoing accountability for software performance and service.  Convoy Technologies' VIDEOMATICS software is available for PCs, and mobile applications on tablets and smartphones.   The iOS App is available for immediate download through the Apple App Store.

"This continued expansion of Convoy Technologies' products and services showcases our expertise in providing transportation industry executives with a strategic resource to help minimize accidents, injuries and economic losses, while maximizing operational efficiencies," commented Darin Anderson, Convoy Technologies Chairman.  "Moreover, VIDEOMATICS seamlessly integrates telematics and live video into an elegant, intuitive system that brings tremendous value to fleet owners and managers," he continued.

Blake Gasca, CEO of Convoy Technologies stated, "The release of our VIDEOMATICS system marks a milestone in Convoy Technologies' mission to deliver cutting-edge hardware and software technology, as well as unparalleled total system support and customer service, to the transportation industry.  Since VIDEOMATICS is providedas a software-as-a-service, and comprised of hardware and cloud-based software, our customers benefit from significant competitive advantages in the business environment”.

VIDEOMATICS system solution integrates a digitalvideo recorder, in-cab display monitor, and up to 16 video cameras for user placement within the cab, or outside in proximity to the vehicle. The camera is capable of recording at up to D1 resolution, 704x480 (NTSC for the United States), or CIF resolution, 352x240.  Communication is achieved via built-in Ethernet, a built-in Wi-Fi module (Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities) and a cellular modem connected to a USB interface.  Video data is stored locallyon an external hard drive, and accessible remotely from the cloud.  The local hard drive is supplied with storage capacities ranging from 250 MB to 2TB.  VIDEOMATICS further features a built-in high performance digital output 3-axis±2g/±4g/±8gaccelerometer, and multiple sensors including those that measure states of dry contacts (digital inputs) or indicatea video loss.  A motion detection sensor allows control of thresholds, area exclusions and the sensing of a motion in a precise ‘field of view' (FOV).  The system is fully customizable to meet fleets' exact requirements.  

VIDEOMATICS operates from an input voltage of 10-40 VDC, and ignition input of 12-24 VDC.  It also provides 12 VDC/500 mA (max.) for cameras and external equipment. Maximum power consumption is 16 Watts. Shipped standard with an ambient temperature range of 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F), models with an extended temperature range of -5°C to 65°C (23°F to 149°F) are available for harsh environment applications.  The device measures 185 mm W x 158 mm D x 76 mm H (7.2" W x 6.2" D x 2.9" H), and weighs 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs.).  

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Videomatics' monthly subscription pricing is determined according to customers' specific system requirements, and starts at $59.00 per system; hardware is additional.

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