Leadership Team



Executive Team


Ron Harker, President and Chief Operating Officer

Ron Harker has extensive experience in the automotive technology industry and is the COO at Convoy Technologies. Ron has a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University at Fort Wayne and has experience in sales operations, sales management, transportation and logistics. Prior to his position at Convoy Technologies, Ron was the Executive Director at Edge Distributors Group and President of CTD Marketing.


Edward Cheng, Director - Global Sourcing  

Edward Cheng is the Co-Founder and Director of Global Sourcing for Convoy Technologies  He has been responsible for managing the company's supply chain and international relations.  Edward hearned his degree in information technology from the University of Tasmania and been serving in Hong Kong I.T Industry for a solution consultant more than a decade, grant his in-depth knowledge from industry experience which adopt and enhance company operations management, developing quality control systems, supply chain management.  Edward resides in Hong Kong with his wife, Winnie and daughter, Katrina. 


Board Members

Takutaro Onoe

Darin Anderson

Rudiger Breitenecker